Your Challenge

Product Innovation is Too Risky!

"We have millions of dollars at stake if our product fails to penetrate the market in a sustainable way."

The Solution

Hedge Your Risk with Design Thinking

De-risk each stage of the product development lifecycle with Design Thinking methods and techniques.

Photo: Joe Baz

Meet Joe Baz – Product Innovation Consultant

I help technology companies in the Asia-Pacific region deliver exceptional business results fast and cost-effectively. For 22 years, I've helped B2B companies drive results that impact the bottom line. Here's why you should trust me (business results from past projects):


Approx. Annual Bottom Line Savings

By standardizing the information architecture and page-level design patterns for a web-based enterprise Electronic Health Record system.

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Retention Rate for Customers in China Market

By developing the retention strategy and communications plan to help a US-based global trade technology company sunset a SaaS product that was losing money, but highly used in the China market.

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Approx. R&D spending saved

By using evidence-based research, I helped the product management team learn that additional investments in their program would not address their customer's needs.

Problems I Help Solve

Illustration: North star above a horizon with a road leading to it

Product Visioning & Roadmaps

Understanding and shaping a difficult to understand strategic problem into a product vision and roadmap that can deliver value incrementally.

Illustration: Scribbled line bunched together that splits into 3 dotted lines each pointing to a square

Problem Identification & Framing

Uncover and frame difficult or hidden problems in workflows that amount to massive operational waste collectively by facilitating cross-functional service mapping workshops and field research. 

Illustration: Three squares each with a unique geometric shape inside and each with a trail of the unique shape behind it

IA & Design System Transformations

Address a large amount of tech debt due to poor information architecture (IA) and design system decisions by developing sensible taxonomies, interaction wireflows, and alignment diagrams.  

Illustration: Two arms reaching out to shake hands superimposed on top of earth

Collaboration & Alignment

Align non-collaborative product teams to design and implement product features in a consistent, intuitive, and in object-oriented way. 

Illustration: A lit up light bulb overlapping paper with some scribbled writing and a diamond shape which has two arrows pointing extending from the bottom point over to two circles

UI & Interaction Design Direction

Support product teams that lack creative and user experience direction by reinforcing information design & interaction design principles, and providing valuable design insights in critiques. 

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Field Research & Analytics

Provide teams with qualitative and quantitive evidence to support their product discovery work or validate solutions before they ship.

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People Who Vouch for Me

At PTC, I relied heavily on Joe and his exceptional team to spearhead innovative solutions for our product development and marketing endeavors. Our collaborative efforts resulted in substantial profits for the company and its shareholders.

Photo: Michael Bourque

Michael Bourque

VP of Engineering

...through Joe's masterful shepherding of the core team, we've developed a taxonomy of data-driven-displays, a proposal for a new information architecture, and broad agreement across the enterprise on both the value and applicability of the framework.

Photo: Leo Frishberg

Leo Frishberg

UX Director & author

Joe handled a diverse portfolio: conceiving of interfaces that accommodated both beginner and power users, sunsetting products without impacting the company's bottom line, managing complex high-profile client relationships...

Photo: Peter Swartz

Peter Swartz

Data Scientist
Panjiva | S&P Global

No matter what problem Joe is trying to solve, his primary focus always begins with people... From mentoring to public speaking, consulting to design, Joe stands out as leader in the Boston tech scene because of his deep empathy, curiosity and commitment.

Photo: Brian Del Guidice

Brian Del Guidice

Principal Designer
Above the Fold